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Summary Artifacts for software development process
Category process
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) alex512, jones, lecard, prpa0807, tlvls
What is USINA?

Usina intends to be an "open factory of open-source software" providing to the open-source community its expertise on software development processes in the form of software engineering artifacts.  A process with guidelines and templates.

It is a synonym of factory in the portuguese language.

  • Educational project(Software Engineering class)
    Group of 8 (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) computer science students from Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil taking Software Engineering class with the following discipline objectives:
    • Apply concepts, techniques and tools of Software Engineering;
    • Analyze the intersections and disconnections from Software Engineering and Open Source Development;
    • Define, create and evaluate an open source software factory (within a real world open source software development) generating a detailed report of the experiment.

    The group extended the discipline objectives to also provide software development process artifacts to the community acquired from its expertise.
  • The same motivation of the hoot.tigris.org project.
    The usina project has a simpler scope though, it doesn't provide tools. These two projects in the future could be complementary, but for now it can't be for two reasons:
    • hoot.tigris.org project has been inactive and Usina's project has an schedule to accomplish;
    • Usina needs to be private for its first release because of motivation 1: it is an educational project and the 8 students need to be evaluated. It'll be matured on the course of the discipline and, when released to the public, it'll be more stable than it's now.

This project aims to be a software factory accepting request for proposals to build open-source softwares using Usina's processes definition. This project aims to produce sets of "software development process artifacts" to be used by any open-source software project and factory.
  • Usina as open factory

The usina's artifacts are considered stable only after execution of a real world open-source project using its definitions. The Usina project members will accept proposals to develop open-source software from the community to validate sets of Usina's artifacts releases and turn it into a stable bundle.

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  • Usina providing templates for factories

The factory artifacts will be constructed from the expertise acquired at the Simulare project. We expect to have a closed set of artifacts to enable start new projects quickly and in a deterministic model.

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